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Serving Chicago and the northwest suburbs.
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John Campobasso
Schaumburg, IL 60193

P: (847) 635-6313

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Our Service: After 37 years of being in the concrete business SWC Concrete has perfected concrete driveway replacement. We have a well-organized system to complete your driveway replacement with perfection and efficiently. Our experience and organization enable us to replace most concrete driveways in 1 or 2 days. We can replace your driveway as is or we can relocate or widen you new driveway to accommodate your needs and compliment your landscaping.

Contacting Us: At SWC Concrete, we strive to make your home improvement experience a good one. We try to have a staff member in the office during regular business hours to answer all calls personally. If a staff member does not answer your call and you reach our answering machine, please leave us a detailed message explaining everything you think we should know about your specific project and we will return your call as soon as possible or you can send us an email.

The Estimate: When requesting a free estimate on your driveway, an estimator will contact you to set up an appointment to meet with you. When meeting with the estimator you should explain exactly what you are interested in. The estimator will make a rough sketch and take all necessary notes and measurements on your specific project. If you are not sure about something that has to do with your project, don't be afraid to ask our estimator questions. Our estimator will take the time to provide you with any necessary information, and answer all questions about your project.

Requesting a Contract: Once you have decided to have us perform your work, please call or email us and request a written contract. We will make an appointment with you to sign a contract. After signing the contract a deposit is required. 1/3 of the contract price is usually the deposit. We will schedule your work. Scheduling is initially done by the month. We will notify you once we establish a firm date.

Calling J.U.L.I.E Utility: As the start date for your work gets closer, if necessary we will call JULIE Utility to have all underground utility wires marked. This is not required on all jobs but if the original contract states to call JULIE Utility, we will normally do so just before starting your job.

Starting the Job: Our crew usually arrives early mornings. The crew will start by removing the old concrete. This is done by a machine or by hand if needed. The old concrete is loaded in dump trucks. Once the dump truck is loaded, the dump truck hauls the old concrete to a recycling center where the old concrete is crushed and reused for many different purposes.

Complete Clean-Up: This is the final step and one of the most important. We believe this is your last impression of us and we want you to be totally satisfied customer. Our personally trained clean up crew will remove all concrete debris, sweep the street thoroughly. We are NOT responsible for replacement of topsoil and sod. Over digging is required for placement of framing. We will gladly replace topsoil and grass seed where the forms were set. This would be an additional charge to your contract.